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Nilerun Co., Ltd. is based in Heyuan City which is known as "Ancient Hakka Town, Evergreen Heyuan City", "Eastern Guangdong Treasure, Green Shining Pearl". Heyuan is rich in bamboo and water resource. It supplies water to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The pronunciation of “Nilerun” is similar to our Chinese company name. The Nile is the longest river in the world. We hope that the water in the world will be clean like that in Heyuan and our company will run long like the Nile.

Based on the concept of "Getting it by giving it. Being respected by respecting others", we care people’s feelings and are committed to building a humanized enterprise with "Honesty and Friendship". With the rapid development of human society and economy, the natural resources on the earth are becoming scarcer, our environment is becoming worse and the natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Not getting natural resources from the earth only, we wish to build a conscientious enterprise with the purpose of "Revering the nature, protecting the environment; returning to the nature and improving our health".
Working for the purposes of "Making our mother earth cleaner, wishing all people healthier and making our life more fashionable" and pursuing “original ecology, natural beauty and unique handicrafts”, we use natural bamboo, wood and horn to make bags, glasses, earrings, bracelets, household supplies, home decoration, stationeries etc., which are eco-friendly, unique, fashionable, safe and functional. We have our own brands “BB Panda” and “Nilerun” which have received good reputation at home and abroad.
Craftsman was once an indispensable occupation in the past. With the development of modern industry, many of the traditional crafts have died out, but the craftsman spirit will never be out of date. Today, the fast living pace and over worship of money has cornered people to the ultimate anxiety and fickleness and caused products to the serious homogenization. The craftsman spirit of focusing on product personalization and perfection is particularly valuable.

The craftsmen in Nilerun strive for making the best quality products. They pay attention to each procedure and each product. Most of the company's craftsmen have been focused on handicrafts for more than 20 years. They select materials strictly and spend much time and energy to strive for the best quality.Take bamboo root handbag for example. From selecting the right bamboo roots, to drying, cutting, anti-mildew/ anti-pest processing, polishing, fire burning, shaping, and finally assembling, there are a total of more than 30 procedures. For the simple products like twisted bracelets, there are also more than 10 procedures.
Our products are great gifts from the nature. Horn glasses are not only beautiful handicrafts, but also good for people’s health. According to the record of famous Chinese medicine book "Compendium of Materia Medica", horns are rich in natural active colloidal glial protein which has effects of heat-clearing, detoxifying and lowering blood pressure etc. It can protect skin from allergy and static electricity. The natural textures and the craftsmen's handmade skills make the glasses not only unique, but also of high collection value. They are precious gifts for friends and families.

Nilerun, value friendship, adore courtesy, honor honesty and pursue win-win cooperation!

Nilerun, make your life healthier, more eco-friendly, more fashionable and more characteristic!
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