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According to introducing, at present more popular on the market the annatto several major schools mainly reflected on the regional, each has its own characteristics. Car chang said, for example, "such as wide as a furniture, influenced by the western is more, because there imported timber is more convenient, so wide writer has two prominent characteristics, one is the Atlantic, and the second is the materials and generous. Artistic characteristics, lingnan style, carving more heavy and complicated. Sue for furniture, changshu, jiangsu province, including Shanghai the region of annatto furniture is given priority to, its exquisite workmanship, materials saving, with their own traditional term is calculate with unique, very anxious to wood sawdust is the last point, reflect in jiangsu and zhejiang people's economic, save, make the finished product is famous for its exquisite. And Beijing for furniture is much influenced by the royal family, doing well be a royal style, compares massiness, represent the north."

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